Country Meats Fundraiser
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Country Meats Fundraiser - In an effort to be more organized and have better tracking for the distribution of the meat sticks, we are asking that you complete the form selecting the flavors and quantities you would like to sell.
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Young Marine Record Book
Thursday, March 30, 2017
Young Marine Record Book: Each Young Marine has an electronic record book as well as a paper record book maintained by the Unit. It covers every moment, every event, every training that your Young Marines do in the program. I have been auditing th
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New Website Log In
Friday, May 20, 2016
Members are now able to login to Young Marines Fall In, Adult Leaders Member Page, or Authorized User Access from one page! By clicking on the "Login" button at the top of the Members home page you will see each of the login options. Fall In and Adul
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Electronic Devices
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
*This is a permanent announcement* ELECTRONIC DEVICES & YOUNG MARINES: In a day of growing technology and instant connections, I feel it is important to clarify our policy on electronic devices. Although there will be many exceptions to these basi
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Drop off and Pick up at Young Marine events
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
* This is a permanent announcement* DROP OFF AND PICK UP: You are expected to bring your child all the way to the drop off point and pick them up at the designated point. This is for your child’s safety!! It is your responsibility to ensure that
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Calendar on Unit Home page
Sunday, June 29, 2014
Calendar information
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Benjamin Rodriguez
Young Marine of the Year

Quinton Kausalik
Young Marine of the Year
Young Marine Encampment - Division 8/1/2019

Young Marine Encampment - Division 8/7/2018

Unit of the Year - Regiment 12/6/2017

Unit of the Year - Battalion 9/30/2017

Young Marine Encampment - National 7/29/2017

Organized Unit Trip - National 12/20/2016

Drug Demand Reduction - National 12/8/2016

Unit of the Year - Battalion 10/30/2016

Young Marine Encampment - Battalion 12/30/2015

Unit of the Year - Battalion 10/31/2015

Young Marine Encampment - National 8/26/2015

Unit of the Year - Battalion 10/31/2014

Young Marine Encampment - National 7/26/2014

Organized Unit Trip - National 8/14/2013

Young Marine Encampment - Battalion 12/31/2012

Organized Unit Trip - Battalion 12/31/2012

Unit of the Year - Battalion 10/31/2012

Young Marine Encampment - Regiment 12/27/2010

Organized Unit Trip - Regiment 12/27/2010

Unit of the Year - Battalion 10/30/2010

Young Marine Encampment - Battalion 8/26/2010

Organized Unit Trip - Regiment 8/26/2010

Young Marine Encampment - Regiment 12/30/2009

Organized Unit Trip - Regiment 12/30/2009

Unit of the Year - Battalion 10/30/2009

Unit of the Year - Battalion 10/30/2008

Organized Unit Trip - Regiment 7/29/2007

Young Marine Encampment - Battalion 6/30/2005

Organized Unit Trip - Battalion 6/30/2005

Young Marine Encampment - Battalion 3/20/2005

Organized Unit Trip - Battalion 3/20/2005

Young Marine Encampment - National 8/1/2004

Drill Competition - Battalion 5/23/2004

Young Marine Encampment - Battalion 5/23/2004

Young Marine Encampment - National 7/19/2003

Young Marine Unit Commendation - National 1/31/2002
Certificate of Appreciation - Americal Legion 4/30/2014

3rd Place Award - Color Guard - New Berlin 4th of July Parade 7/4/2012

3rd Place Award - Color Guard - New Berlin 4th of July Parade 7/4/2011

Certificate of Appreciation - Support of Fox Co 2/24 6/11/2011

Certificate of Appreciation - Continued support of Fox Co 2/24 6/6/2010

Plaque - Support of Fox Co 2/24 Mad Ghost 8/9/2009

Certificate of Appreciation - Toys for Tots 12/31/2008

Certificate of Recognition - Dept of WI Vetran Affairs 7/23/2007

Marine Corps League Commendation - Badger Detachment 6/1/2007

Marine Corps League Commendation - Badger Detachment 6/1/2005

Marine Corps League Commendation - Badger Attachment 6/1/2004
MISSION The mission of the Young Marines is to positively impact America's future by providing quality youth development programs for boys and girls that nurtures and develops its members into responsible citizens who enjoy and promote a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. MOTTO Strengthening the lives of America's youth
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