Title Description
PDF icon for download Authorization for Medical Treatment This form and the SAT form are standard for any overnight activities
PDF icon for download Award Request form Form to request an Award (ribbon request form)
PDF icon for download Billet evaluation form Form for evaluation of billets (jobs) performed
PDF icon for download Community Service Form 5/2018 May be used in leiu of a letter on nonprofit organization's letterhead
Power Point icon for download Community Service Powerpoint Information about what does (and does not) count as community service
PDF icon for download Conservation Ribbon--Animal Composition Page for gathering the information required for the animal composition; 6 needed to write the paper
PDF icon for download Conservation Ribbon--Park Composition The final step in the Conservation Ribbon, after the UC has signed off on the completion of other requirements, is the composition on a state or national park that must be submitted to national; this page is to help plan for it
PDF icon for download Conservation Ribbon--Sign off page Lists requirements for Conservation ribbon, broken into parts to be signed off July 2019
PDF icon for download Cpl Study Guide To help study for Cpl EOs and POs for LCpls working to become Cpl
PDF icon for download Fees and Gear List Fees for our Recruits and Poolees and list of what those fees cover
PDF icon for download How to login to your Young Marine Accoun Step by step directions; contact the Adjutant if you cannot log in with these directions
PDF icon for download LCpl Study Guide To help study for LCpl EOs and POs for PFCs working to become LCpl
Power Point icon for download Online Account How to access and use your Young Marine online account
PDF icon for download PFC Study Guide To help study for PFC EOs and POs for those working to meet PFC requirements
PDF icon for download Poolee Program Information about our local Poolee program
PDF icon for download Promotion Request Form Form to be used when requesting a promotion through the chain of command.
PDF icon for download Promotions Chart Lists the requirements for promotions
PDF icon for download Promotions Checklist A list of details to check for promotion eligibility and how to request a promotion
PDF icon for download Recruit uniforms description of standard recruit uniform
PDF icon for download Registration/Enrollment Package Forms to register a young person for Young Marines of the Palm Beaches
PDF icon for download Standard Activity Form (aka SAT) To be used for every overnight trip or big activity
PDF icon for download YM of the Palm Beaches brochure Brochure about our local unit--2019 version
PDF icon for download YM of the Palm Beaches brochure--youth v Brochure about our local unit, written for youth interested in joining 2019 version
MISSION The mission of the Young Marines is to positively impact America's future by providing quality youth development programs for boys and girls that nurtures and develops its members into responsible citizens who enjoy and promote a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. MOTTO Strengthening the lives of America's youth
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