Each Registered Adult has a specific job assigned by the Unit Commander, but this program is about, for and lead by the Young Marines themselves.  Please allow us to introduce ourselves. 

Jason Jenkins

Unit Commander

Mr. Jenkins has been with the Young Marines since 2015.  The Unit Commander is elected by the unit registered adults every two years.  Mr. Jenkins coordinates and supervises the adult staff to ensure the proper planning, organization, administration, and support of the unit to meet the mission, purpose and objectives of the Young Marines Program.


Executive Officer

Mr. Jenkins has been with the Young Marines since 2015.   The Executive Officer is elected by the unit RAs every two years.  In the absences of the Unit Commander, Mr. Jenkins assumes all of his responsibilities.

Kyle Sevier

Training Officer

Mr. Sevier has been with the Young Marines since 2017.  As the Training Officer, Mr. Sevier promotes the physical, moral, and mental development of the unit.  He advocates a healthy, drug-free lifestyle through continual drug prevention education and knowledge of a nutritional balance in diet.  He promotes physical fitness through the conduct of physical activities and fitness testing, including participation in athletic events and close order drill.  Mr. Sevier also plans all training events.

Wendy Jenkins


Mrs. Jenkins has been with the Young Marines since 2016.  As the Adjutant, Mrs. Jenkins is responsible for ensuring the administration is correct and up-to-date. Mrs. Jenkins is responsible for most database entries and record keeping. 

 Brendan Schenk

Paymaster & Chief Medical Officer 

Mr. Schenk is a Deputy with the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office and has been with the Young Marines since the fall of 2016.  As the paymaster, Mr. Schenk is responsible to the Unit Commander for all matters pertaining to the finances of the unit.

Mr. Schenk is also the Chief Medical Officer.  He ensures all medical gear and supplies are fully  stocked.  Mr. Schenk is a certified CPR/First Aid Instructor and was a former Tac Medic trained in TCCC (Tactical Combat Casaulty Care). 


Gary Jenkins


Mr. G. Jenkins is one of our unit's founding fathers.  He has been with this unit since 2006.  As the Quartermaster, he maintains all of the unit's equipment and gear for encampments, trips and other activities.

Erin Hagerty

Assistant Training Officer 

Hagerty has been with the Young Marines since the spring of 2017.  She assists Mr. Stewart with all of the training duties. 
MISSION The mission of the Young Marines is to positively impact America's future by providing quality youth development programs for boys and girls that nurtures and develops its members into responsible citizens who enjoy and promote a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. MOTTO Strengthening the lives of America's youth
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