Young Marines Summer Programs of Adventures, Challenges  and Encampments refers to our summer programs available to qualifying Young Marines. Junior, Senior and Advanced Leadership Schools at the National Leadership Academy, the Great Amercian History Adventure, Space Camp, Space Academy, Aviation Mach II and Mach III Challenges, National Outdoor Leadeship School, SCUBA and Master SCUBA Diver Schools and the National Encampment are activities that expand and enrich the Young Marines experience.





 The National Leadership Academy

The Young Marine leadership development process at the National Leadership Academy is designed to enhance leadership skills in a way Young Marines have never experienced. The Academy prides itself on introducing experiential learning mixed with self-discovery to challenge Young Marines in overcoming daily leadership tasks and the battle within themselves to make right decisions during tough situations.


On a larger scale, the Academy assists Unit Commanders with the product created at the end of a Young Marine’s career. This is accomplished through molding Young Marines into engaged citizens who can operate at a higher level than their peers with an understanding of the necessary work ethic required to achieve any goal, vision, dream, or lifestyle that the individual Young Marine desires.


The challenge is to inspire Young Marines to change themselves, the people around them, and the world if they choose to do so.


All is accomplished with a curriculum designed to challenge Young Marines physically, mentally, and morally. The curriculum and environment prepare Young Marines with basic life skills that continue to strengthen the lives of America’s youth because they will have the freedom to fail and the opportunity to succeed. 


National Flight Academy 

 This adventure brings the latest in multisensory media and simulation technologies to create an immersive naval aviator experience like none other. This all happens aboard the world’s only virtual land-locked aircraft carrier with a sense of adventure that will stay with the Young Marines for years.




Drill and Ceremonies School

 Attendees will receive mentorship from drill masters in the conduct of close order drill at the squad and platoon level aboard MCB Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California.  Attendees will also learn how to form for physical fitness properly, how to perform warmups before physical fitness properly, and how to cool down afterward.



 This is an in-depth course that will immerse the attendees fully into the subject of Land Navigation.  Attendees will conquer multiple courses as part of a team and solo during this event.  This event will take you “beyond the basics” of Land Navigation and provide tools for your toolbox that will enable you to not only teach Land Nav, but how to set up and conduct an orienteering competition.



Great American History Adventure: South 


 This event will take you through the southern history of America. Starting in Florida and making your way to Louisiana, visit battle sites, museums and monuments, learn the history of southern America, and maybe see a ghost!  



This event will push you to your physical and mental limit. Hike the rugged Denali Mountain Range of Alaska and sleep underneath the stars while viewing the crystal-clear Alaskan night sky. Learn about trail conservation, edible plants, medicinal plants, making fires with primitive methods, and building improvised shelters while keeping a small footprint with other like-minded Young Marines. 



Leadership Academy for Volunteer Adults (LAVA)


 Purpose of this school is to provide instruction and guidance to Young Marines adult volunteers with little or no military experience.  LAVA is also a great refresher for those who spent only a short time in the military.




Young Marines will learn how to sail and work as a team during this amazing adventure. All while leaning about boating, personal safety, Coast Guard regulations, planning a boat trip and how to properly handle a sailing vessel.


 Adventure Links


Young Marines teamwork, leadership, and discipline will be tested as they go through the week. They will participate in events such as caving, rock climbing, kayaking, and ropes courses to test their abilities! Do you have what it takes?