Our Programs      

Who we are:

The Young Marines program is a lot of things to its participants. We are most proud of the recognition we have received from winning the Fulcrum Shield Award for the Drug Enforcement Agency on four separate occassions. The Fulcrum Shield Award is presented annually in conjunction with national Red Ribbon Week, recognizing outstanding drug abuse prevention, education and outreach efforts. We offer equal opportunities for adventure to boys and girls ages 8 through 18.

Who we are NOT:

The Young Marines program is not a program for youths with serious disciplinary problems, substance abuse issues or lengthy histories in juvenile court.

Participation in Your Community :

The Young Marines program encourages unit participation in local civic activities, such as providing color guards for athletic events, marching in local parades and activities promoting and reinforcing good citizenship. We like to hear from units, and particularly enjoy suggestions from units who have been able to make their communities aware of and promote the Young Marines program and our efforts to promote a healthy, drug free life for America‚Äôs youths.

Experience Outstanding Opportunities :

The Young Marines program offers its participants a variety of experiences, from encountering the outdoors in a variety of challenging ways, to meeting notable veterans and political figures, to participating in solemn ceremonies on days of remembrance, such as Memorial Day, Veterans Day and in recent years, commemoration ceremonies honoring veterans of Pearl Harbor. Along the way, Young Marines learn the values of discipline and teamwork, the fundamentals of land navigation, rank structure, and much more, such as self-respect and respect for others.