National Headquarters Staff Directory

Young Marines Affiliate Organizations



Bill Davis

National Executive Director /

Chief Executive Officer

Wilson Lee Photo Wilso

Wilson Lee

Deputy Director / Cheif of Staff


Joe Lusignan

Deputy Director West /

Drug Demand Reduction Resource Officer

 Jeremy Jones

Jeremy P. Jones

Director of Operations  


Michael Tracy

Director of Finance  


Gary Weisbaum

Chief Marketing Officer 




Patricia Borka

Director of Administration 






Alvin Hendricks

Training Manager 



Kaylyn Lonergan

Database Administrative Assistant 

 Kayla Nakano  

Kayla Nakano

Education Manager

Storme DiGiovanni 

Storme DiGiovanni

Assistant Operations Officer

Heather Briley-Schmidt 

Heather Briley-Schmidt

Assistant Operations Officer 



Young Marines National Foundation

Executive Director - Mike Zeliff


Young Marines Alumni Association
Jason Asbill

Executive Director - Jason Asbill 

Emeritus Status


Michael B. Kessler

National Executive Director Emeritus 


Division Commanders

Division One : Robert Dittrich

Division Two: George Biedenbender

Division Three: John Gionet

Division Four: Chuck Jackson

Division Five: Ronald Pownall

Division Six: Leigh Dick


Service Providers  

Ambassador Accounting - Kathy Howe - 703-392-0383 - Fax: 703-361-1765

DES - Mark Whittaker

Rust Insurance - Billy Simons

Xpert Media Management (XMM) - Tim Kupper - 210-387-3051

Vanguard - Warren Dunlap - 800-221-1264